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  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • +234 812 686 5686, +234 812 706 6002

Centuple Edutainment offers performative music education.

We are a faith-based resource centre providing children and young creatives the opportunity to learn music in a fun and cooperative way.

Our fundamental goal as an organization is to raise the next generation of fine and godly musicians that will enrich the fabric of our society. We create wholesome musical contents for children and also promote propensity for literacy through creative reading sessions. Since inception in 2015, the centre has taught students in their hundreds and helped to nurture their love for music art.

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Services We Offer

We Provide Best Service For Your Music Education

Guitar, Drums and Piano Lessons

Our lessons are simplified and age-appropriate; making use of easy and sometimes unconventional ways to help the learner comprehend the concepts.

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Musical Events

Our various musical events present a great platform for youngsters to build their confidence, stage readiness and even draw inspiration from other children.

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Training, Workshops and Clinics.

From time to time, we facilitate or co-facilitate trainings for schools, churches and other organizations; helping them to realize their musical goals.

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Supply of Music Resource

We are the go-to-guys for your purchase of anything musical and there is nothing like having a professional help you pick the right gear.

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Commercials & Jingles

With our musical expertise, we can help your ideas play out nicely and make your brand look good.

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Reading Club

Through our Read and Tell chats, Storytelling, Buddy reading and library service; little ones go places, meet people and discover a wonderful world.

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Benefits of Learning with us

below are some of the benefits you get when you sign up with us

Nurture your artistic tendencies and foster your passion for creativity

Become stage-ready

Kill stage fright

Learn to band together

Enjoy good, clean fun with your music pals.


Common Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start taking music lessons?

Your child can start taking music lessons at age 5. But before then, we recommend buying toy instruments for them as toddlers; play lots of good music around them in the house and let them watch their favourite music bands. These will enrich their minds in terms of melodies & rhythms, and get them ready for formal lessons.

How long will it take for my kid to become a skilled musician?

Just like any other skill, learning how to play music requires patience, persistence and focus over a period of time. The period of time to become very skillful varies from one child to the other. For those with innate musical ability, it could be faster; and for others, it may take a bit longer time but the key words here are interest, practice and continuity.

Can I get to choose the instrument that I want my child to play?

Of course you can, if you have studied the child and have noticed from various activities that he/she is interested in a certain instrument. Generally, we advise parents to allow the child choose the instrument that he/she loves to learn to play. This is because it is easier to keep his/her interest alive when playing their favourite instrument. When parents force their child to learn a particular instrument, the child may lose the desire for learning music altogether.

Will learning music affect my child’s grade in school?

According to Brilliant Beginnings, music enhances learning; and to a large extent music allows the brain to be more receptive to the processing, storage and retrieval of information i.e learning. Children are able to excel in music and at the same time do excellently well in other fields of learning. Proper planning and giving ample time required to all their activities help to ensure that the child’s learning experience is balanced.

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